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Before you start your search for the perfect wedding property there are two main things to consider.

Your budget and how many guests you would like to invite.

The number of guests you have will dictate if you will need to hire a marquee. Generally for weddings of more than around 70 to 100 guests, you will need to hire a marquee which will incur considerable extra expense. There is so much to organise for a wedding, you may want to employ a wedding planner.

Other costs to consider on top of the wedding rental are:
1. Catering and drinks service
2. Marquee, ground rent and portaloos
3. Flowers and decoration
4. Entertainment
5. Photography
6. Wedding planner
Keep in mind that each wedding is different and unique and the advantage of a private home is you have more flexibility to make it your own, but the pricing is also going to be different for every wedding….it all depends on your personal requirements for your wedding day.

All wedding properties have a wedding tariff which is considerably higher than the standard rental rate
These are some of the main reasons:
1. Extra wear and tear
2. Multiple viewings
3. Deliveries of flowers, beverages, catering equipment
4. Insurance
5. Extra security and household staff
6. Clearing up after the wedding has finished
7. Where a marquee is required: Set up, removal and lawn repair.

These PROPERTIES have a civil wedding license.

You can hold your wedding reception at these LUXURY HOUSES

All of these properties require a minimum 2 nights accommodation for weekend weddings. Most of these properties allow a mid-week wedding without overnight accommodation if your budget is restricted

Choosing your wedding venue can be difficult as there is so much choice out there. If you decide you would like to hire a private home rather than a hotel, we can offer you guidance and a whole list of things to consider to make sure it is the right solution for you.

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