UK Manor Hire

Manor House hireThe attraction of renting one of our stately homes is that not only are the properties warm and welcoming, but often they will also have a very long and interesting heritage, underlined with prestigious history and unbelievable particular architecture. When renting one of these homes you can enjoy all the grandeur and splendour of the property, providing you with pure pleasure. Many of our customers tell us that the highlight of their holiday is finding the odd white marble bust, beautiful porcelain, crystal chandeliers, sconce’s, curios and antique furniture. The walls of stately homes may be hung with gilt-framed oil paintings of past ancestors which make the fascinating history of the place truly come alive. With one of our stately homes yours for a weekend you too can imagine just what it is like to live like an Earl or Countess with the grace of a bygone era but with the convenience of modern comforts.

    Manor hire is the perfect option for a holiday in Britain. There’s no holiday quite like a quiet manor get-away tucked away in a terrain of scenic natural beauty – and with a number of manor houses dotted up and down the British Isles, in many cases you won’t even have to travel that far to become the lord of the Manor for a weekend or a week-long holiday.
    As with all our properties, Mansions to Rent are available for hire at all times of the year, be it Christmas or a summers holiday. These properties can be absolutely delightful in the autumn and winter months with their impressively large open fireplaces providing roaring fires enticing you and your guests to gather round and enjoy the warmth. In the spring and summer months you can take advantage of amazing landscaped gardens, ponds, lakes and, in some cases, even a swimming pool or tennis court or two. When you start your manor house hire you’re sure to feel like a proper lord and lady of the manor and your guests will undoubtedly feel just as special as you do.
    Most of our manor houses to hire will be set in private estates with acres of gardens and parkland to explore, so if you love the outdoors then you’ll have plenty of that on your proverbial and literal doorstep! Manor house hire is the ultimate in extravagance with the added benefit of access to country pursuits such as fishing, shooting, or perhaps even a game of croquet with your friends or family.
    With so many outdoor options available, hiring a manor is anything but being stuck indoors all day. You’ll be able to explore not only the finest in luxury British property, but also the most entertaining and scenic of British pastimes. Our British manors have everything from designer to antique interiors and combined with magnificent external gardens, these properties are perfect no matter whether you want to stay inside for the weekend or spend your days exploring the local environment and wildlife.
    The choice is yours but whatever your preference you will be sure to find manor houses to hire that provide lots of onsite entertainment for all. For further information on our manor properties call us today or visit our contact page to send an email.

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