Castles to rent in the UK

castle to rentIf you’re searching for castles to hire you’ve come to the right place. At The Beautiful House Company we’re known to have one of the most impressive portfolios of luxury properties in the UK. Most of us will have treated ourselves to a nice holiday at some point in our lives, enjoying 5-star hotels, gourmet cooking and beautiful towns and cities, but few things in this world truly compare to the serenity, lavishness and uniqueness of hiring a castle.

The truth is that staying in a castle is a once in a life time experience. And we’re not talking about staying in a room in a castle hotel – we’re talking about having the entire thing, acres of natural land and all to yourself. Our castles are surrounded by woodland, farms, lakes, wildlife, bike trails, golf courses and more. If that doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will!

Our beautifully maintained castles to rent are wholly authentic, all of them built hundreds of years ago. But don’t let exterior looks deceive you because the inside of these properties are every bit as comfortable, stylish, inviting and breath-taking as any of the more modern mansions and manors that we offer. Modern amenities are a feature of all of our beautiful properties, so you certainly won’t be left wanting.

Because of the size of our castles – the smallest sleeps 13 – they’re the ideal choice for either a holiday with loved ones or a big event such as a special birthday celebration with friends and family.

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